Set Your Marketing Goals

The lead generation process is all testing, and zigging and zagging. But we have to be laser focused on who our exact customers are and how many of them we need in order to call the marketing investment a success. And we have to think about the starting point before we can understand how it all ends.

Here at Delray Computers Marketing Group, we have access to 100+ different marketing platforms. Platforms specifically tailored towards your target market and/or industry. It is important to determine your target market and their interests.

DCMG can generate leads the next day through paid advertising, and produce other incoming lead generation streams by managing the account on different platforms. Contact us to see what your possibilities are.

Our different marketing platforms can be found here: including, but not limited to: Paid Advertising (100+ platforms), SEO, Outbound emailing, Outbound Calling, Published Marketing, ..


Try to be realistic and base your numbers on reality if possible. For inbound, this is what we want to answer:

  • How many new customers we need in a specified time frame
  • How many leads we need to get to convert those customers
  • How many visits we need to get the appropriate number of leads
If you don't know what your traffic or lead conversion numbers are like, you can use some industry averages to set your benchmarks. For example, it's not uncommon for only 1% of your visitors to convert into leads. It's also not uncommon for you to convert 5% of your leads into customers.

Targeting Strategy

Targeting strategy comes down to 2 main concepts: It involves more than what's in your head - it involves connecting with your ideal customers and asking questions about:

  • Demographics & Geographics.
  • Their role at work and their income.
  • A day in their life and interests.
  • What challenges they face every day.
  • What solutions they're constantly looking for.
Where they go for information? Not only will you benefit from knowing this from a marketing perspective, but you'll get some incredible insights as to how to improve production.