What is a Business Analyst?

- Lead Generation: what streams and budgets are you currently using? Is your cost per lead too high? Is your cost per sale too high?

- Webdesign: Are you getting visitors to your website but are they not converting?

- SEO: you are paying for a plan that is not showing any results?

- Google First Page: you are not showing up on the major search engines? You do not have Local SEO or Google My Business

- Sales: your sales agents are not closing on the phone? There is no follow up process in place, no CRM, .. ?

- Paid Advertising: you are currently paying too much on Google Adwords, Social Media campaigns, .. ?

- Marketing: you are not getting any traction in your current marketing strategies?


Thanks to our extended experience in the field of IT and Marketing, we can analyze your current processes and vendors for you!

  • Initiation Project Management: Stakeholder's input interview or questionnaire to understand the project.
  • Scope of Work: document the requirements.
  • Project Planning and Analysis: determine the budget, timelines, risks, tools and resources needed.
  • Execution: active project management by DCMG by creating tasks and managing and monitoring the progress.
  • Closure: analyzing the team's performance, and conduct a final analysis of the project, taking into account lessons learned for similar projects in the future.


Why You Need A Business Analyst

In our experience, it’s the establishment of tasks, procedures and techniques that enable stakeholders to understand the structure, policies and operations of an organization. Business Analysis also involves recommending solutions that enable an organization to adapt to change and achieve its goals.


Business Analysts are agents of change.

Dealing with and understanding the impact of change is a key part of the Business Analyst’s role. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained from a broad range of projects, the right Business Analyst will guide you through unknown territory and help you to positively embrace changes in the market as and when they occur.


Reducing Project Cost.

Business analysts are needed within a team as they can help to reduce project costs. Although it may seem like you are spending more money as you will need to hire and pay a business analyst, in the long run, they can help to reduce the cost of the overall project that they are working on.

One way they can help reduce the cost of the project is by reducing re work that takes place. This will result in stopping steps within the project being delayed which can cost any company money.


Increasing Potential Return.

A business analyst (BA) is a person who analyzes and documents the market environment, processes, or systems of businesses. They help businesses improve their processes, products, services, and software through data analysis and software. The typical roles for business analysts include creating detailed business analysis, budgeting and forecasting, planning and monitoring, variance analysis, pricing, reporting and defining business requirements for stakeholders.